Installation Guide

STEP 1: WARNING Do not turn on lights when rolled up, this will cause them to overheat

STEP 2: Pre-Planning 

Measure the area where you will be applying the lights, and make sure you have enough length to cover the area.

STEP 3: Preparing the Surface

Use a damp cloth to clean the area, removing any dust or debris. Then allow the area to dry. This is essential to make sure your lights stick firmly.

If you are installing your lights in an area where a straight line could be challenging, it may be helpful to draw a light line with a pencil to use as a guide during application.

    STEP 4: Setting Up Your Lights

    Connect the Controller Receiver (white box) to the LED strip
    The LED Strip and Controller Receiver (white box) both have arrows at the connection point. Make sure those arrows are facing each other so the lights receive the correct signals.

      STEP 5: Revealing the Adhesive

      Peel back the plastic on the back of the LED strip to reveal the adhesive.
      Only peel about 2 feet ahead to make sure the rest of the LED strip doesn't catch debris 
      Make sure you are peeling only the adhesive backing from the strip and not pulling the entire adhesive strip off the lights. If you notice the strip isn't sticky that means you have removed the entire adhesive. Ensure you split the backing from the adhesive. 

        STEP 6: Installation

        Start applying the beginning of the strip against the wall.
        We recommend staying as close to the corner where the wall and ceiling meet to make sure the lights stay in a straight line when applying them.
        Ask a friend or family member to hold the other end of the lights and peel the plastic a bit at a time from the adhesive to help make this process easier.

          STEP 7: Turn Power on your Lights

          To properly Connect the Controller Receiver to your LED strip connect matching the two arrows
          LED Strip and Controller Receiver both have arrows at the connection point. 

            Step 8: Check your Controller 

            The Remote uses a CR2025 battery. 
            Once you've installed the battery, check the remote by pointing it at the Remote Receiver.
            If nothing is happening, just check that the battery was not inserted upside down. Try flipping it over and check to see if it is now working.